Our Timeline

STEP 1: Credit Monitoring [Day 1]
Once we decide to work together, your first leg of the journey is to sign up for a credit monitoring account. The reason we have strong feelings about this is two-fold:

1. You need a comprehensive overview of your credit scores and how your accounts are being reported with all three credit reporting agencies. With a complete profile, we’ll be able to strategize to get you the results you need as fast as possible.
2. As we work to improve your credit report, we need to be able to keep track of the improvements being made, and where extra effort is needed.

There are several credit monitoring programs out there, and they typically cost from $20 - $30 per month.
We have a recommendation: simply go to www.findmycreditscores.com.
They have a great product.
Once you provide us access to your credit monitoring account, we move to Step 2.

STEP 2: The AUDIT [Day 2 -4]
We analyze the information in your credit report and generate a complete Audit Report of your credit file. Upon delivery of the Audit Report to you, we will charge you $199 (or $249 for a couple). This detailed report will provide the following:

1. An itemized analysis of each account in your credit file, whether it is a “positive” or “negative” influence on your score, and our recommendations about how to correct negative accounts and maintain positive accounts.
2. An educational guide designed to give you a thorough understanding of the factors affecting your credit score and what you can do to improve your credit profile.
3. An estimate of what our “Pay-Per-Delete” service will potentially cost based upon the number of items on your report.

STEP 3: Credit Repair - First Round [Day 5 -35]
Focusing on the negative accounts in your credit report, we begin sending the first of several rounds of letters to the credit reporting agencies, using the language of the Fair Credit Reporting Act to factually dispute items that are inaccurate, incomplete, or unverifiable.

NOTE: This can seem like a long wait, but the credit bureaus have 30 days before they must respond.

STEP 4: File Review [Day 36]
We once again review your entire credit file to see what’s changed. We deliver a report to you called the Review. This is where you’ll see changes resulting from the campaign to date. Upon delivery, we will bill you based only on the actual items deleted or corrected.

STEP 5: Credit Repair - Additional Rounds [Day 37 - 180]
We repeat the dispute cycle to address unresolved challenges to the credit file.

STEP 6: Building a Case for the Lawyers
We’re not lawyers, but we know some good ones. What happens when our plea to set the record straight is ignored by the credit reporting bureaus? Our approach to credit repair is methodical for several reasons, not the least of which is that by this point in the process we have carefully documented FCRA violations and can easily hand the case off to lawyers who can pursue settlements on your behalf. This does not involve more cost to you, just more returns.